Enemies (2007-2016) were an experimental indie band from Ireland. Founding members (Eoin Whitfield, Lewis Jackson, Mark O’Brien and Oisín Trench) met and formed the band against the backdrop of a thriving DIY punk scene in North-Wicklow. With this endeavour they aimed to craft a more intricate, post-rock oriented sound.


Enemies focused heavily on complex rhythms, playful looping guitars and extended instrumental soundscapes within their distinct multicoloured sound. In their nine years together they toured throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. First EP ‘Alpha Waves’ was picked up and released by Machu Picchu Industrias, a Japanese label run by members of toe. For their debut album ‘We’ve Been Talking’, the band signed to the iconic but short-lived Richter Collective (home to instrumentally-experimental contemporaries Adebisi Shank and The Redneck Manifesto). The band’s second album ‘Embark, Embrace’ was released through US independent label Topshelf Records, who also released the band’s final output ‘Valuables’ in 2016.


Enemies frequently collaborated with friends from within the Irish music scene, including Conor Adams (The Cast of Cheers, All Tvvins), Louise Gaffney (Come On Live Long) and Heathers. In 2013, Micheál Quinn of Meltybrains? joined the band, following the departure of Oisin Trench.


Enemies played their final show at Vicar Street, Dublin on 18th December 2016.