Embark, Embrace (CD)

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Embark, Embrace (CD)


Enemies, Embark, Embrace
Released 10 May 2013
Format: CD

"Where Enemies' first album, the Richter Collective-released We’ve Been Talking revelled in melodic instrumental rock and was definable by those parameters, Embark, Embrace is notable for the way in which the songs are less predictable than before. The muted melodic vocals from Conor Adams of The Cast Of Cheers on ‘Executive Cut’, the shimmer gauze on ‘Coral Castle’, the ambient bleeps aided by Heathers’ choral vocals on ‘Nighthawks’, the jaunty xylophone-sound of ‘Moesha’, the unfurling gentle build of ‘North West’ with Croupier’s Oisin Murphy on singing duties and the guitar-funk of ‘Indian Summer’ add previously unheard qualities to their music. Yet Embark, Embrace features the things that are recognisable as Enemies: an emphasis on melody regardless of instrumental focus underpinned by distorted and expressive guitars and drum rhythms. The album is a recalibration of the appeal of the band." - Nialler9 

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Executive Cut (feat. Conor Adams)
3. Unit Shifter
4. Beacher
5. Indian Summer
6. Coral Castle
7. Nighthawks (feat. Heathers)
8. Moesha
9. Love Unlimited
10. North West (feat. Oisin Murphy)

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