We've Been Talking (Digital)


We've Been Talking (Digital)


Enemies, We've Been Talking
Released: 10 May 2013
Format: High-quality MP3 (320kbps)

"We’ve Been Talking is so perfectly crafted, so wonderfully well done, that even the most capricious listens will be incredibly satisfying. That being said, if one were to delve deeper, the album would reveal itself to be something more than a novelty, something more than a pleasurable fancy. We’ve Been Talking is fantastic in that sense, for no matter how interested one is with the album, it will be a great listen nonetheless. On the surface, the album is incredibly catchy, with the math-y melodies and hammering bass and drums causing even the most disinterested listener to tap his/her feet with fervor. Looking past face value, however, the album becomes a much more musically relevant affair, with the constantly shifting time signatures and tempo changes proving to be endlessly fascinating."
Sputnik Music

Track listing:
1. Backaches & Cardigans
2. Nag Champa
3. Fierce Pit Bosses
4. Gabbi Gabby
5. Gingerly
6. We've Been Talking
7. Creamist
8. Piano
9. Morse Code

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